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International SEO Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

Chief Executive at Go Up Ltd, Edward Coram James talks about some International SEO tips to help businesses to grow faster.

International SEO tips for your business

Lets get started.

If your business is growing faster in your country than probably your next step would be to take your business abroad. To archive that you might need some SEO tips so you can easily connect with the other country’s people.

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Archiving something worldwide is extremely great, but it is very tricky because you gonna meet new difficulties like language, search habits, and other cultural factors. You must try these tips to grow your business faster. After implementing these International SEO tips you will see a tremendous increase in your search ranking across the globe.

1. Picking A Compelling Domain

Domain plays a role in your online business. You should pick a domain that gives your audience a clear idea that you are not targeting any specific country of choice for your content.

  • Use the right domain name extensions (.com, .org, .net): Using the right domain name extension makes your business effective to people like if you are creating another country’s website so better if you use their county extension.
  • Short is Better Than Long: Always avoid using a long tail domain name. People do not want to remember a long domain.
  • Brandable Over Generic: Your domain should always be similar to your brand name.
  • Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers: Never Use hyphens and numbers to your domain. Hyphens make your domain look bad.

2. Research Local Keywords

International SEO without local keywords is like your business without a CEO. Always research the right keywords for your business. You may know lots of keywords but maybe these keywords may not popular across the abroad, so it’s better to research the right keywords according to places.

When you are dealing with peoples from different countries its become more complicated to handle. You may not aware of their culture or their intent of context. Take the help of some tools to find great keywords.

3. Focus On All Search Engines

Google is not the only search engine in the market there are many other search engines as well like Bing, Baidu and Yandex. Focus on these search engines because your website will get more traffic from there and it will be easily to rank on these search engines with compare to Google.

Optimize your website and SEO according to these search engines too.

The majority of users in China and Russia use different search engines than Google these are the largest market in the world. In China and Russia, People use Baidu and Yandex respectively.

4. Local Link Building

You know Links are the most effective way to increase your website authority as domestic SEO strategy. To rank higher in local search results, it’s vital to source links from local platforms within your industry. More local links the more is better, for example if you’re opening a business about Travelling Agency in NewYork America, than it’s better to build links from nearest Hotels in NewYork. Also collect information about the industry.

5. Language

Use Hreflang tags. It helps Google to understand which language and version of page is better for users. If someone in China trying to visit your website than it should have language change option so that user can understand it better.

To target your audience accurately as possible, use Hreflang tag for language and region.